I am interested in contributing to the world, hopefully adding to its beauty, with art: writing, performance, painting and film. All of these mediums I work in and will continue to work in. I am particularly interested now in movement as language and expression, and in art at large working toward cancelling the ecological crisis.



– Beginning PhD at RMIT University with supervisors Dr. Bonny Cassidy and Proff. David  Carlin.

– Attending Cleaning The House Workshop by Marina Abramovic Institute in Greece.

– Graduated from NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) with Masters Fine Art under the mentorship of Playwright Stephen Sewell.


– Wrote four plays/performance pieces – yet to be released – the first, ‘The Colour Blue is Yellow’ was performed at NIDA by Fabian McCallum.

– Dramaturg for production of Wake in Fright at NIDA, directed by Samuel Lucas Allen.


– Graduated from RMIT University with First-Class Honours for a project on poetics and Objectivism.

– Self-published chapbook ‘Pink Impress’, released by Marthouse Records.

– Released ‘Mart’ the album with CRACODILE


– Lived in Madrid Spain working as English Language and Culture Ambassador for Australia.

– Edited first-novel (that remains unpublished) with Toni Jordan.


– Graduated from RMIT University with Bachelor of Arts.

– Performed ‘I’ to sell-out shows at LaMama Theatre in Melbourne in collaboration with Dougal Shaw and Laura Sheedy.


– Invited to Read at The Emerging Writers’ Festival Melbourne for Rabbit Poetry.

– Invited to read at The Furneaux Islands Festival on Flinders Islands alongside Jim Everett.

– Published creative writing, personal essay and review in various places such as Rabbit Poetry Journal and RMIT Anthologies.


– Began Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) at RMIT University in Melbourne.


before 2013 I traveled a-lot, took photographs, hung out with monks in Japan, got lost in Korea, drunk a-lot with my brother in Europe, met new people, rode trains for months with no money, and eventually began writing poetry – needing to speak to someone about it all.